Creative researching with head&heart

We research how to merge the creative/visual content to the new tools. We facilitate the process, and coordinate the suppliers involved.


Adapting visual content to new technologies and design trends can be complicated and overwhelming. We help initiate the process by introducing inspirational robots, small interactive art, 3D, and virtual elements.

We accompany teams in the transition to new methodologies, working on soft skills and leadership in uncertainty.


We are closely linked to professional and academic research. We specialize in the creative, artistic and work psychology sectors.

Creative - technological strategy ︎ Personalized mentoring ︎ Industrial psychology


neuronaº is a team of senior researchers in business and innovation working with experienced professional creative-technological talent. We are unique in organizing cutting-edge lab sessions, creating content, and recruiting highly qualified professionals.

neuronaº partners

We collaborate directly with professionals specialized in technology applied to Web3, virtual environments and blockchain. In addition, we work daily with creative and artistic multidisciplinary profiles.

LAB Sessions

AI Residency. Train your own artificial intelligence robot

Isolate yourself in a house in a village 25 minutes from Malaga, and adapt the generative artificial intelligence in less than 5 days.

A tailor-made experience for 1 or 2 people. 

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Pushing the boundaries of 3D liquids

A group of 15 technical and artistic professionals will work with different types of software and texture generators to obtain visually stunning results. Many of these elements will be integrated into web designs and other communication channels.

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Explosive joy - can 3D art enhance positive moods?

Everyone talks about the visual elements, but it is also very important to be concerned about the mental and emotional reactions. This is something we have studied extensively in traditional design, but there is much to learn from the new digital and interactive trends.


Metaverse explained in the company's language

The concept of "metaverse" is very popular for many reasons. Media is certainly more interested than ever in the developments within this concept. Even the most competent artist, designer or technical professional struggle to explain the various new concepts to organizational clients and partners. In this session we will focus on explain the complex and confusing worlds that are now opening up.